Boster Engineering Sdn Bhd started as an inspection sub-contractor which is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over the years, Boster has expanded the scope of services provided, in meeting the varies clients’ needs and expectations in today competitive market of Oil and Gas, as well as Heavy Engineering industry.

Boster offers multi-disciplined services to its clients in providing full range of NDT inspections and all types of manpower. Not forgetting our passion in ensuring and providing a safe working environment in the offshore oil and gas industry, Boster also provides rope access services as an efficient and safe alternative.

To cater the increasing market demand, as well as to maintain our competitiveness in the market, we always assure on the integrity of our product and processes. Boster is constantly driven to be among the best services providers in this industry. Boster is also committed to continue improve on both selection and application of advanced technology in helping our clients to be more productive and cost effective.

Boster assure the exceptional quality and exacting standards accomplished in an environmentally friendly manner to meet it’s customers’ requirements.